Health & Insurance Law

Ferraiuoli’s Health and Insurance Law Practice has emerged in response to the ever growing needs of the Industry in Puerto Rico. The practice of healthcare and insurance law on the Island has its own nuance, influenced by both local and stateside trends and regulations, impacting all players in this field.  With an acute awareness of the coexisting legal requirements of each system and how they interact with each other within the Puerto Rico framework, we have developed the ability to analyze and understand these trends and its sources, identifying alternative responses to the challenges they present.

We offer a unique combination:

  • in-depth knowledge and experience generally available only from larger, stateside law firms
  • first-hand understanding of the Puerto Rico healthcare and insurance landscape
  • personal attention, responsiveness and cost-efficiency of a smaller, more agile law practice

We excel in contract negotiations, legal counseling and opinions, addressing complex compliance issues embedded in this challenging local and stateside regulatory environment.  We also provide sound administrative prosecution of matters pertaining to permits and government requirements for stateside and local businesses.

The Health and Insurance Practice Group works collaboratively with these practices:

  • Corporate and Tax Practices – Counsel in designing and structuring the appropriate organizational needs including the structuring of ACO’s, Super Groups and other provider-oriented organizational solutions which take into account Puerto Rico’s unique market needs and provide alternatives for the various healthcare components of the industry,. Our expertise in joint counseling with our  Corporate and Tax Practices has allowed our clients to identify opportunities which are adequately adapted to their practices and interests, allowing them to achieve success in this complex and highly regulated field.
  • Bankruptcy and Creditors’ Rights: Assistance in managing major creditors’ claims and adversary proceedings in the bankruptcy arena by providing guidance and understanding to this related workgroup of the particular intricacies of the health care industry.  With the emergence of serious economic issues, many healthcare related clients seek proficiency in the bankruptcy field combined with knowledge in the healthcare business.  We have created a unique niche in this area, by being able to address the needs of these clients with the expertise, adequacy and cost efficiency required, always keeping in mind the best interest of our clients.
  • Government and Legislative Affairs Practice Group – Legislative assistance services and monitoring of the legislative and administrative agencies initiatives both at the federal and Puerto Rico levels.  Our deep experience in the health insurance business provides us with valuable insights regarding the logistics of governmental agencies, and the intricacies of healthcare delivery systems around the Island. This knowledge, in turn, has become an important tool for our clients in their successful planning efforts and executive decision-making process.
  • Litigation Group – Administrative and litigation support for our clients, including proficiency in the medical malpractice area, with emphasis in actions filed against health care providers and contractors in the health care industry.  We promptly identify strengths and weaknesses in defending our clients, and provide alternatives to protect their interests from the onset of claims.

Our knowledge of the many technical aspects of Medicare, Medicaid, insurance claims and payment practices and the intricate regulatory requirements (local and federal) of this industry gives us a significant edge in counseling against the threat of litigation as well as in defending claims filed against them.  We also have detailed knowledge and have participated in healthcare-related multi district litigation and class actions against health insurers


By recruiting leading professionals who possess the necessary experience required to counsel our diverse client base, we have achieved positive results, excelling in solutions directed at preventing the pitfalls of unnecessary litigation and administrative proceedings.  We currently represent many key players in the healthcare and insurance areas, including, but not limited to:

  • Triple-S Salud, Inc.
  • First Medical Health Insurance Plans
  • MMM Healthcare Corporation
  • Hospital Auxilio Mutuo
  • Hospital San Juan Capestrano
  • Special Care Pharmacy
  • Inspira de Puerto Rico, Inc.
  • The Title Insurance Company
  • Iké Asistencia
  • Progressive Health Partners
  • Jasso LLC
  • DMJ Imaging Center
  • Telecoqui Medica de Puerto Rico
  • Worldwide Insurance and Reinsurance Corp.
  • CGF Insurance LLC