Applicability of IVU to Medicinal Cannabis by Angel Morales Lebrón, Esq. for Microjuris

Ferraiuoli LLC is pleased to announce a news article published by Microjuris al Día Puerto Rico: Aplicabilidad del IVU al cannabis medicinal by Angel Morales Lebrón, Esq., Senior Member with the Firm’s Tax Law practice. During the article, Angel discussed the new Administrative Determination Number 17-06 (Determinación Administrativa Número 17-06) issued by The Department of Treasury on July 20, that establishes the applicability of Sales and Tax Use (“IVU”) to medicinal cannabis and its derivatives, applicability of exemptions, registrations and other IVU regulations applicable to traders engaged in the medical cannabis industry. 

For more information about this article, you can visit Microjuris.